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Torpedo SEAL transits within a NATO-standard 533mm torpedo tube. Once removed from the tube, Torpedo SEAL is fully extended and ready for use.

It is then able to transport two divers and equipment, fully submerged, over a range of 10NM.

Torpedo SEAL may also be easily stowed within the multi-purpose tubes being designed into future submarine designs, or beneath the outer casing of the submarine.

A fixed variant of Torpedo SEAL, without export license requirements, is also available.


Torpedo SEAL Torpedo SEAL Video See the Torpedo SEAL in action

The Last Ship Video The Last Ship Torpedo SEAL features in Michael Bay's The Last Ship

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Example Applications


Torpedo SEAL is controlled by a single pilot. It also accommodates one passenger and equipment. The mission profile may follow one of these examples:


  • Extend the operating range of a combat team
  • Underwater survey and reconnaissance

  • Delivery of explosive ordnance
  • Counter-narcotics and harbour patrol
  • Mine countermeasure operations


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Air Deployment Options

In addition to its primary insertion method, Torpedo SEAL may also be launched from any surface craft, underslung by rotary-wing aircraft or stored beneath the outer casing of a submarine.


Electrical Propulsion

Torpedo SEAL carries an advanced Lithium Polymer battery coupled with one or two thrusters, depending on customer requirements.

Together they deliver a range of up to 10NM at a maximum speed of 4kts.


SINC System

The Steering Information Navigation Control (SINC) system is common to all vehicles in The SEAL Pod.

In Torpedo SEAL, the system provides operators with real time location, sensor and communications data.

SINC System

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