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SEAL Carrier operates in three modes; surface, semi-submerged and submerged.

Launched from a surface ship, SEAL Carrier vehicles transit at speeds of up to 30kts on the surface before switching to submerged mode for a covert final approach.

Example applications for a SEAL Carrier include:

  • Delivery of six-man combat team
  • Host platform for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • Remotely operated weapons platform
  • Harbour patrol vessel
  • Rapid-response anti-piracy craft
  • Mine countermeasure operations

SEAL Carrier SEAL Carrier Video See the SEAL Carrier in action

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Hybrid Propulsion

SEAL Carrier's two propulsion systems are designed to provide optimum performance, whether travelling at speed on the surface or quietly whilst fully submerged.


Surface Propulsion 350hp diesel engine coupled with Rolls Royce FF270 water jet.


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SINC System

The Steering Information Navigation Control (SINC) system is common to all vehicles in The SEAL Pod.

SINC automates course, heading, depth and levelling of the craft. SINC also manages navigation, communications, electrical and hydraulic systems and the transition between surface and submerged modes.

SINC System

Submarine Transit

SEAL Carrier is capable of being transported behind the sail or fin, attached to the outer hull, of a submarine.

Optionally configured to withstand depths of up to 150m, this option provides additional range and stealth, making it ideal for operations in coastal areas or long-range missions.

SINC System

Air Deployment System

Utilising the SEAL Air Delivery System, SEAL Carrier vehicles may in future be deployed via low-velocity extraction drop from a Lockheed C-17 or similar fixed-wing aircraft.

A medium-lift helicopter may also be used for low altitude deployments and recoveries.

SINC System

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SEAL Carrier Variants



The High Speed Stealth Combat Craft is suited to mission profiles demanding greater range, endurance and payload capacity.

The craft accommodates three crew, 16 marines and their equipment. For fire support, a remote operated weapons system with a 12.7 heavy machine gun and advanced Electronic Ordnance system may be installed.

SEAL Carrier plus

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SEAL Carrier SMART caters for mission profiles with shorter transit phases and less demanding payload requirements.

SEAL Carrier SMART makes a modest trade-off in performance in exchange for greater cost-efficiency both up-front and through-life.

SEAL Carrier SMART General Arrangement


JFD can design and manufacture bespoke Swimmer Delivery Vehicles,
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